The Roadmap to Operational Excellence

Everything I do, write about, or talk about one way or another helps businesses on different stages (and we'll talk stages a bit below) to achieve Operational Excellence.

Some of the businesses want to go just 1 stage above, some of them are missing the right tools or the right focus, and some of them do not see an end to the chaos or do not know what else can be improved.

Sounds like a bunch of different companies but in reality it can be 1 company on the road to Operational Excellence.

I spent some time building a roadmap that includes all those stages companies go through.

I am sure you can identify yours as well!

Let's get to it, shall we?

The Roadmap!

I won't hold it to myself anymore. Here is the roadmap:

roadmap image

Let's go over all the milestones:

  1. Blank Ops;
  2. Amateur Ops;
  3. Advanced Ops;
  4. Operational Excellence.

As you've seen on the roadmap, every time you want to get to the next level, you have to go through a period of struggles, be it Chaos to get to Amateur Ops, Development to get to Advanced Ops, or Fine-Tuning to get to the Operational Excellence.

WARNING! This is not a one-way road. Yes, you heard it right. Getting to Amateur Ops does not mean that you cannot fall back into Chaos. In most cases, it is a lot of back and forth until the next level can be secured.
First Step

The first step to getting to Operational Excellence is identifying what stage you are currently in.
To help you do that, I will write down a small list of characteristics per stage below.

Blank Operations

If you recognize yourself above, then that's the stage you are in!
That's a great stage to prepare for what's coming and potentially ease the upcoming chaos.


If you experience a certain extent of the above issues, then you are right in the middle of Chaos.
That's when getting things organized and building the right strategy are game changers.
I'll be talking more about it in the next blog articles.

Amateur Operations

If you feel like this is a description of your business, then congratulations you have just entered the Amateur Operations stage!
You are still in danger of falling back to Chaos and that's just the right time to start Development!


This is an iterative stage, where companies take two steps forward, and one step back multiple times.

This is when you test whatever you are developing, break it, rebuild again, and test again until you find the magic formula that works for you and your businesses.

This is the stage of balancing your attention between sales to keep the business alive and operations to keep the business operating.

For every business, it is different and a lot of factors affect how the development stage would look like for you.

If you succeed, you will arrive at the Advanced Operations.

If not, you are too stuck in the development stage or worse even, operate on the edge of Amateur Ops with the Chaos Door wide open.

Advanced Operations

Congratulations, this is an amazing place to be!
A lot of companies do not see a reason to move past this stage as this is a perfect place that allows you to deliver quality, keep your products and services accessible, have healthy margins, and have a sane expansion rate.

Fine Tuning

You did not settle for Advanced Operations and decided to take your organization to a different level.

WARNING! You are entering dangerous grounds. Companies coming from Advanced Operations are overly confident and forget to evaluate the risks of leaving the comfort zone of Advanced Operations.
The last path to Operational Excellence is associated with increased costs and high investments. If not careful, this can quickly empty your cash reserves and force your company to rapidly shrink.

As you can see, all the above endeavors require a lot of cash reserves to be able to safely implement and maintain in your organization.
Those are not one-time investments but annual budget allocations.
This can be a decades-long stage and not all companies can or want to survive it.

Operational Excellence

Cannot believe you've got here!

Every stage is an exciting place to be with its own challanges and learnings!
If you are trying to survive through Chaos and looking for guidance working your way through the Development stage and are missing some tools or are enjoying the comfort of Advanced Operations and looking to enter into Fine Tuning, you are in the right place!

Through the content I craft, you will get the right tools and techniques to get through the stage you are in or to enter the next one.

My promise is simple: I help you get to the next level.

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