Meet the Ops Excellence Newsletter.

Creating something great takes time, doesn't it?

I've been in Business Operations Consulting for quite a while, starting with my own business and moving on to help entrepreneurs replicate what I was able to achieve. to help them outcompete their rivals in terms of performance, speed, and quality.

I not only had experience in building and selling my own business, but I also helped multiple companies go from complete chaos and mess to a very well-structured and organized entity that works like a well-oiled machine.

I also had a chance to go through multiple courses and read a ton of books, not only related to operational excellence but also to lots of things that have similar concepts, like human psychology (including sports psychology), Japanese lifestyle concepts (like ikigai), human history, philosophy of quality and many more.

This helped me broaden my entrepreneurial perspective even further and instead of looking at businesses as structures and systems that either work or do not, it helped me see the organic component of every business and its qualities as a living organism.

I've got to the point where the acquired knowledge and experience started pushing me in the direction of sharing everything I know and learned through the years.

That, of course, does not mean that I know all the responses. What that means is that my perspective can help entrepreneurs discover the shortcut to getting to the next level. And that's exactly the mission I have:

help business owners discover the shortcuts of getting to the next level

That's when the Ops Excellence Newsletter comes into play.
This is not just one of that business newsletters that spam you daily claiming that they provide you with value.

No, I won't be emailing you often, or sending you the garbage that has no practical use.
All the info I am sharing is all about putting those things into practice.
And, hey, if something goes wrong, I am 1 email away. Yes, your responses arrive directly in my inbox.

What is the catch?

I am not looking for recognition or anything like that. I am looking to help fellow business owners out there achieve their goals. Knowing that I helped is the best reward.

So my ask is simple,

Subscribe here. Excited to see you going to the next level!

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