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Let’s face it - the majority of newsletters give false promises. You subscribe out of excitement and end up marking the newsletter as spam because it just did not meet your expectations.

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This newsletter is all about getting you practical advice on the issues you have. No buzzwords, no daily spammings, no useless tips or unclear instructions. Simple, short, and right to the point.

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It’s the difference between the 600 000 businesses that close annually and the 25% that do not!

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✅ Shortcuts to Excellence

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Frequently Asked Questions!

BOOM! Yes, this newsletter is 100% FREE! There are optional paid features that I will be releasing soon. Otherwise, it is NO CHARGE.

I am on a mission to help business owners discover the shortcuts that can help them save time and money. Time is the only resource that we won’t get more of. I had nobody to pave me the way when I started. Now I want to become that somebody for other entrepreneurs.

Yes, you can always respond to any of my email newsletters and I will happily respond back to you as soon as I get to your email!

The best way to check that is to test. Simply go through my first three emails. If you think it provided you ZERO value, share your feedback with me and feel free to unsubscribe!

Yes, we do have online courses for entrepreneurs at different stages of the Roadmap to Operational Excellence. Those are specifically crafted to take you from zero to hero and provide highly targeted content.